Open Source Wealth Management

An automated financial advisor platform that you can trust and customize! Wealthbot is based on open source principles and gives you total control over your wealth management solution.
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Manage all of your clients in one sleek dashboard - Automated Customer Onboarding

Automated Customer

Save you and your company time, by using Wealthbot's automated customer on-boarding solution! 
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Automated Rebalancing

Wealthbot has built an in-house, custom, automated rebalancing platform that helps you stay within your clients risk tolerance.
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Custodian Integration

Wealthbot has built a custom-made custodian integration. We let the big banks handle the cash as they have layers of physical and technical security controls.

Flexible Portfolio Models

Develop your own custom portfolio models. Wealthbot gives you the ability to assign clients with a specific risk score, certain pre-built models of your choosing!

Cyber Security

Wealthbot uses the same 128-bit level of encryption that the banks use. Plus, clients’ assets reside with your custodian and are never directly handled by our system.

Wealth Management
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Set and Track Automated Workflows for RIA
Automated Rebalancing
Custodian Integration
Bank Level Security
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