A Dedicated Wealth Management Tool to Help Serve Your Clients

Every day we speak with independent Investment Advisors looking for a portfolio management solution that will help them compete with robo-advisors.
Today anyone can use Wordpress to launch a website. With Wealthbot.io, we make it easy for qualified individuals to launch their own virtual investment advising firm.

Our Vision


We built our product to help RIA's who cannot afford traditionally wealth management solutions. We put a focus on being able to not only improve client service by automated time intensive tasks but also grow your RIA by now being able to take on more clients.


We are very proud of Welathbot, also known as "Webo." We have spent years building a solution that not only works, but has a fantastic look and feel. Webo will scale with your client base. Ten  portfolios or a thousand portfolios, our technology does the work for you as your business grows.